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4 Mistakes When Finding A Nutritionist

Written by Faisal Alshawa
on Oct 20, 2018
4 Mistakes When Finding A Nutritionist

Having worked in the field of nutrition for a few years now, I have listened quite well to the words and feedback of my clients as well as people in general who have seen other nutritionists. Unfortunately, mistakes have been made when seeking a nutritionist, which has led people to feel frustrated about not reaching their goals and feeling and looking the way they want to be.

Before I delve deeper into the 4 mistakes people do when seeking a nutritionist, this blog post does not serve as a means of hitting out against any other nutritionist in the field. This blog simply serves as a guide for you to be aware of such mistakes, to then not repeat them as others have!

1) Social media followers

Some people may see a nutritionist because of their big social media following. Seeking a nutritionist is not a numbers game.  They may just have the right personality and charisma, but this may not necessarily translate into being a good nutritionist. Choose wisely!

2) Weight-loss

Just because a nutritionist lost a ton of weight doesn’t make them legitimate. What works for them, may not work for you. And what works for you, may not work for others! Don’t judge a nutritionist by their own weight-loss.

3) One-size fits all

Everyone is different. Our body types and genetics are different. It’s not a one size fits all! If your nutritionist provides you with a general program, think twice about continuing to work with them.

4) Education

Make sure the nutritionist you see is actually qualified and credible through formal education in nutrition or a similar field - not just through a certification. You want to make sure the person you see has many years of studying and learning in the field. Not necessarily getting a certification over a few months, and that which anyone can get.   


Your health lies in the hands of someone. Who would you choose?






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