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What are the best protein supplements?

What are the best protein supplements?

I’m always approached by others asking for advice on the best protein brand to supplement with. I can understand people’s frustration when trying to pick the right supplement. The supplement industry is incredibly popular with various forms of protein supplements available on the market.

Thankfully, I’m here to help ease your decision! Across my 10 years of exercising on the ‘reg’, I have experimented with a number of protein supplements. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to make an appropriate judgment as to which protein supplements not only taste the best, but are the most effective in increasing muscle growth and repair.

In order, here are my top 3 protein brands to supplement with:

1) Dymatize: Iso-100

Praise the lord for this protein! Dymatize Iso-100 has done me wonders as it lactose-free. For those are gluten-free, this supplement ticks the box as well.

Dymatize Iso-100 is a whey-derived protein containing fast-digesting proteins – meaning the muscle rapidly absorbs the amino acids present to synthesize protein. It is also rich in essential amino acids – the type of amino acids that are not produced by the body and need to be consumed through external sources (i.e. supplements).

Aside from having a great taste, it is very easily mixed in water or milk. I typically mix my protein with water after workouts, but at times I may mix it with milk as a pre-bed snack. In either case, it mixes smoothly!

Also, on the back of the tub you’ll notice a logo written on it ‘Informed Choice’. Informed Choice is a company that batch tests specific supplement brands for any harmful, contaminated or illegal ingredients – making Dymatize Iso-100 completely safe to consume. This is particularly important for professional athletes who randomly get drug tested. I’m no professional athlete, but it’s always good to know I’m ingesting a safe product!

2) Optimum Nutrition: 100% Whey Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition was actually the first brand I supplemented with prior to trying Dymatize Iso-100.

In terms of protein quality, it’s extremely potent and has an excellent ratio of essential to non-essential amino acids. Similar to the above protein, it contains fast-digesting whey proteins that rapidly enter the muscle for maximal growth and recovery.

Mixing this protein with water or milk poses no issues and is an entirely smooth process. Compared to Dymatize Iso-100, the taste is not as great (at least for me it isn’t) yet it’s still a relatively good tasting protein powder.

For those who are lactose intolerant, this is not a good option to go for as it does contain lactose.

3) Muscle Pharm: Combat

Muscle Pharm’s (MP) Combat has an advantageous feature that many brands don’t provide: the varied mixture of proteins within one serving.

Combat is comprised of protein concentrates, hydroisolates, and isolates while also containing fast (whey), medium and slow (casein) digesting proteins. Hence, this can be an ideal protein to take before and after a workout, as well as prior to bed (due to its casein content).

When rating this brand based on protein quality, it definitely deserves a spot at the top 3. However, the way I feel post-consumption justifies why MP Combat remains at the bottom of my list!

Already having a sensitive stomach, this supplement absolutely kills me after I drink it. Not only does it contain lactose, but the combination of the different types of protein (particularly the casein) bloats my stomach like there is no tomorrow! So for those who have a sensitive stomach or are lactose intolerant, think twice before buying this supplement.

There you have it, my top 3 protein brands to supplement with. Everyone has their own taste and likings and subjectively rate a protein supplement based on the net results. This just serves as a guide and a starting point to avoid the headache of researching and wasting money trying out different brands. If you’re confused or have no idea which product to start with, believe my advice and start by trying out one of the 3 aforementioned supplements😊

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