How to strengthen gut health

Let me take you back a year ago when I used to feel bloated ALL DAY. Anything I put in my mouth wreaked havoc in my stomach. It was an absolutely horrendous feeling and there was nothing worse than experiencing stomach discomfort on a daily basis.

After multiple visits to the doctor and living off various medications, I finally decided to entirely change my lifestyle rather than relying on ‘drugs’, per se. I urged to adopt natural strategies for the better of my gut.

At the time, it was difficult for me to know where to start. Eventually, I was able to breakdown the healing process into a systematic routine consisting of 4 stages.

Let me take you through my journey of this process, or what I’d look to refer to as the 4 R’s to a healthier and happier gut.


The first step to my quest for a better gut health was to be mindful of the foods causing my stomach distress. Every time I felt this way, I reflected on the foods I ate and began to slowly REMOVE such foods in subsequent meals.

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, dairies (lactose), processed foods, and gluten were among the many stressors I was aware of – and so I decided to completely negate these foods from my diet.


After eliminating these inflammatory foods, it was time to dig deeper into the situation and commence the healing process.

Through my nutrition knowledge and extensive research, I began to take supplements to help REPAIR my gut and intestinal lining. Such supplements included L-Glutamine (powdered form), omega-3 fish oils, peppermint oil and teas such as mint, turmeric, and chamomile.


At this point, I was on Cloud 9. I forgot how great it felt to have a flat stomach. It was an unbelievable feeling and something I wanted to continually experience. Hence, I began to RESTORE my gut by ingesting it with good bacteria to protect and improve my gut function and overall health and well-being.

This took place through supplementation with pre and pro-biotics, as well as a supplement known as ‘Athletic Greens’, which contains various vitamins, minerals and ‘greens’ that aid with stomach and intestinal healing.

Pre and pro-biotics fill the gut with optimal bacteria while removing toxins and other bad bacteria that cause stress and inflammation within the gut. I highly recommend taking pre and pro-biotics regardless of whether you have stomach issues or not.


The final step was to REPLACE inflammation-causing foods with those which provide more of an alkaline environment within the gut. I started to consume fermented foods which are naturally high in pre and pro-biotics such as kefir and yogurt.

Additionally, limiting coffee to once a day (and not drinking it on an empty stomach), avoiding spicy foods, onion and garlic (as beneficial as they may be) and replacing carbohydrates with healthy fats were among the different strategies I implemented. Turned out to be the best decisions I’ve made!

One thing I’d like to point out to you is that the details within my healing process were individual specific. The foods that caused my stomach inflammation and distress may not necessarily cause the same for you. For this reason, being mindful of your situation, including the foods you eat and how you feel afterwards, should be your starting point for working towards a better gut health.

Writing this post now, I have never felt any better. Although it was a tedious process getting to this point, it was definitely worth the time and effort. Read my other posts under ‘gut health’ to gain more insight into the importance of maintaing a functional gut and the numerous benefits this may serve.

Believe me, a healthier and stronger gut will make wonders to the way you feel and think.

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