Sleep Hygiene: tips for getting quality sleep

Written by Faisal Alshawa
on Jun 27, 2019
Sleep Hygiene: tips for getting quality sleep

When I mention the word ‘nutrition’, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Food, right? Sure, nutrition is most certainly associated with food, but did you ever think of sleep and its effect on your nutrition?

We know proper sleep can have the same effect on the mind as healthy eating. By experiencing good sleep quality and sufficient quantity, we can enhance focus and concentration, improve mood, increase energy levels and make healthier and better food decisions, while reducing cravings for high fat and sugary foods.


That said, there are things you can do, otherwise known as sleep hygiene, to help improve your quality and quantity of sleep. Here they are:

1. Sleep in dark room. You may already know this, but it’s extremely important. The darker your room, the better you’ll sleep. Of course, I know some people may need some sort of light in order to fall asleep. If anything, keep this at a minimal and perhaps nothing close to your bed like a lamp for example.

2. Sleep in a quiet room. If you live with friends, family or have roommates, it’s important to let them know whenever you sleep so they keep the noise levels down. Sleeping in a noisy environment negatively effects the time it takes for you to fall and stay asleep. Shhh!

3. Temperature. Set the temperature anywhere between 18-20 degrees Celsius. Science shows this is an ideal temperature to improve sleep quality. For some, this may be too cold. The point here is to make sure that you don’t sleep in too cold or too hot of an environment.

4. Sleep and wake up at regular times. Our body has an internal body clock and is highly effected by our sleeping patterns. The more you can wake up and sleep at regular times, the more stable and adjusted your body clock will be. In turn, this will keep your biological clock in check and allow your body functions to perform at optimal levels.

5. Avoid all technology. All of the above points are important, but this one is especially important to pay attention to given the era we live in. Mobile phones, laptops and tablets are highly used in today’s age. Based on experience working with clients, many have the habit of using their mobile phones or any other device prior to sleeping as a way to put them asleep. The fact of the matter is the blue light from such devices actually disrupt sleep, negatively effecting both quantity and quality.


There is no better feeling than getting a good night’s sleep. The amount of energy we have, the better mood we’re in, the greater concentration and focus levels all enhance sleep quality and quantity. The better you sleep, the better nutrition decisions you’ll make. Sleep like a baby😊

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