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Training in the heat: Pre-cooling strategies

Written by Faisal Alshawa
on Aug 11, 2019
Training in the heat: Pre-cooling strategies

Did you know, you can reduce your body’s temperature before training to prepare you when training in the heat?

Exercise in and of itself increases our body’s core temperature, and training in the heat increases it further. A good and science-backed idea to help regulate your body’s temperature and perhaps start training in a more ‘cooler’ state is to actually cool your body before training. This will help a) lower your body temperature, b) minimize the risk of experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, confusion, dizziness and heat strokes/exhaustion and c) increase exercise performance.

That said, here are some strategies you can go about to ‘pre-cool’ your body and improve your exercise performance when training in the heat:

1. Cold bath

Take a cold bath before training. Ideally, you’d want to take a bath for around 30 minutes or so to experience more of a cooling effect. If you’re short on time, take a cold shower!

2. Ice slushies

Drinking an ice slushy can help cool your body. They’re tasty and also a good way to hydrate pre-training.

3. Wash up

Splash your face or neck with cold water.

4. Cold towels

Place a cool towel around your head, neck and/or face for 10-15 minutes pre-training.

5. Cooling vest

If you have a cooling vest, wear it for 15 minutes or more before training. 


Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete, or someone who just trains for fun, being the best version of yourself comes with preparing well for any situation at hand. When training in the heat, it’s extremely important to prepare well for such a session. The above are simple and informed ideas to decrease your body’s core temperature and allow you to train safely while optimizing exercise performance.




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