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Food triggers

Food triggers

What makes you eat? Think about this for a second. To make you understand eating triggers better, let me start off by defining what a trigger is in the world of habit change. According to Cambridge Dictionary, a trigger is ‘to cause something to start.’

When it comes to changing your eating habits, the first step is to identify what the trigger actually is. Each of us has different eating triggers, and some might be more obvious than others. Learning to recognize your own eating triggers will help you figure out how to manage them better.\

Here are some potential eating triggers:

  • Certain places and actions, like sitting down in front of the TV or watching videos on Youtube/ Snapchat / Instagram
  • Seeing and/or smelling food
  • Emotions, like stress or sadness
  • Boredom
  • Socializing with friends/family
  • Exercise

By planning ahead and bringing awareness to trigger situations, you can successfully manage your weight-loss challenges but also help you just eat healthier in general. Once you identify what your eating trigger is, the next step is to replace the trigger by doing something else, as to not create a response – which in most cases is reaching out for a bag of chips or sweets.

Identifying your eating triggers takes time and practice. It won’t happen overnight. But if you’re one whose nutrition gets affected by the people and things around you, and perhaps emotions too, then identifying your eating triggers can make a huge difference to the way you eat, believe me.

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