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Food Guilt

Food Guilt

How’s your relationship with food?

Oftentimes, feelings of guilt and shame are linked to food which can lead to a poor relationship with food, and with yourself. 

Food guilt is when you feel bad for doing something. For example, saying to yourself ‘I shouldn’t have eaten those cookies’. 

Food shame is when you judge yourself as a person which stems from something food related. For example, telling yourself ‘I suck. I can’t lose weight.’

The reason why we experience food shame and guilt is because of this ‘diet’ culture we’re in. When you break the rules, or eat something that is not in line with the diet your following, you’ll feel guilty and shameful, which can then harm your relationship with food. 

With that, here are 3 ways you can overcome food guilt and shame, and improve your relationship with food:

  1. Be easy on yourself. It’s OK to mess up every now and then. It’s ok to ‘break the rules’ from time to time. Be easy on yourself, accept the situation and then get back on track the next day. 
  2. Don’t diet. Diets never work. They’re a complete waste of time. When you diet, it places you in a box. You’ll feel limited and so restricted. When you diet, then step out of  line, this is what invites feelings of guilt and shame. When you make eating a lifestyle instead, it’ll help ease the pressure off of you, and allow you to eat more flexibly, and feel comfortable mentally and emotionally.
  3. Don’t compare yourself with others. If your friend orders a salad, but you want a fried chicken burger, then order the fried chicken burger. When you make healthy eating a lifestyle, you won’t stress about your decisions. And when you don’t compare yourself with others, you’ll feel more at ease with yourself.

Food shame and guilt is real. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back if you’re struggling with this!

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