Healthy Lifestyle

Creating a healthy lifestyle isn’t like dieting. It requires creating positive, consistent habits which lead to long-term changes to your health.

Rather than focusing on a quick and short-term solution, focus on these 5 tips to set you up for success for a lifetime!


  1. Understand you why

When you know WHY you want to change your lifestyle and live healthier, it will give you a sense of purpose and intention. It will give you the motivation you need during periods of de-motivation and it will always remind you why you started your journey in the first place.

  1. Strive for progress, not perfection.

We don’t live in a perfect world, and none of us are perfect. If you strive for perfection all the time, it will only add more stress and pressure on yourself. Instead, focus on making small steps and progressions every day. For example, rather than aiming to drink 2L of water in one day, aim for 0.5L per day as a start, then gradually build.

  1. Make it fun

Whether it’s nutrition or exercise, make it fun! The more you enjoy what you do, the more consistent you will be. Consistency is key for long-term success.

  1. Prioritize Sleep

Better sleep allows you to make better food decisions and ultimate eat healthier. It makes you feel fuller and reduces sugar cravings. Better sleep also gives you more energy, which will allow you to improve your exercise performance. Better sleep also improves your mental and emotional health. Prioritize sleep and you’ll live a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Focus on the feeling

Rather than getting hung up on your weight, focus on how you feel when you eat better, exercise more, and sleep better. Pay attention to your gut health, focus levels, mood, energy levels, concentration and sleep quality. Once you realize and appreciate how you FEEL, this will give you the motivation to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, check out my book Fill Your Mind Before You Fill Your Plate, where I talk about the 5 pillars to a healthy lifestyle. Using these 5 pillars, you’ll be able to overcome the challenges and roadblocks that get in your way to being your best and healthiest self!

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