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Nutrition Crash Course for A Busy World

Nutrition Crash Course for A Busy World

Do you lead a busy lifestyle? Are you constantly swarmed with work that it distracts you from not eating well, or not eating at all?

In this day and age, we live in a fast-paced world with imminent deadlines to meet and lots of stress. The combination of a busy working day and stress can most definitely affect the way you eat. You might let out the stress on food, which usually is comfort (unhealthy) food, or you might not eat at all. In both cases, the busy and hectic lifestyle negatively affects your nutrition, especially if your goal is weight-loss.

I’m writing this blog posts as a simple crash course on how to eat well during a busy day. As a nutritionist who works with busy professionals looking for weight-loss, I’ve come up with simple and easy tips to follow to better help your nutrition on hectic days.

1. Plan Ahead

This is one of the most important and effective things you can do. If you’re anticipating a busy working day, spend 5-10 minutes the night before (or the morning of) your working day to understand what your day will look like so that you can plan accordingly. If you plan on going to the gym, take your gym bag with you to work. If you have meetings lined up, take some snacks with you to work. Plan!

2. Meal Prep

After planning your day, a good idea is to prepare your meals before you head out to work. Again, whether it’s at the end or the beginning of the day, meal prepping can save you lots of time, money and help you with weight-loss. Take some snacks with you from home to keep you fueled throughout the day and ensure you have healthy snacks available. Things like fruits, yogurt, nuts and protein bars are easy to carry snacks to work. When cooking meals, cook in batches to have several meals available for you to eat at your own convenience. For example, grilled 3-4 chicken breasts at a time, cut up vegetables and roast/bake them in the oven, and even cook a batch of rice, pasta or quinoa all in one go.

3. Stay hydrated

Make sure to drink water throughout the day! Not only can water keep you energized and focused, it can help you stay full and reduce sugar cravings, which again can help with weight-loss. Keep water bottles out in front of you to remember to drink, or take a water bottle from home and use it as a tracking tool for how much water to drink.

4. Be Mindful

When we’re super busy and we have a chance to eat, we often don’t think about the quantity and quality of food, or how we’re eating either. When it comes to your nutrition during such days, be mindful as to the meals you pick, how much you eat, and how you eat. Take your time when deciding what to eat. Eat slow. Portion control. After all, mindful eating is healthy eating.

By managing your nutrition on busy days, you’ll be able to live a healthy lifestyle more consistently and better avoid the nutrition pitfalls that come with a stressful day. Sure, you are busy with balancing between work, time for yourself, the gym, family and friends – but try your best to manage your nutrition so you don’t make your health secondary in your life.

Do you live a busy lifestyle and need to stay accountable to help you achieve your goals?

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Work with the best nutritionists in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the GCC region! Our approach is based on helping you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle through building better eating habits and eating more mindfully, which will lead to long-term changes to your health and wellbeing. It’s not a restrictive diet, nor a calorie counter. It’s personalized and holistic coaching to allow you to feel your best self! Support, guidance and accountability are tools we are here to provide you with to help you eat more confidently and mindfully.

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