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Start Now!

Start Now!

Why wait until 2021 though to set your new years resolutions?

Are you looking to lose weight? Exercise more? Manage your stress better? Are these new resolutions, or do they sound familiar to the ones you made a year ago?

There’s no reason to wait until the new year to start working on your goals. The time is NOW! Start preparing, so you can get ahead and go out with a bang in 2021.

So how can you effectively work towards your goals? Not only is starting ahead key to give yourself more time to prepare, but here are other things you can do to get yourself ready for the new year:

1. Know your why
Why do you want to make change? Why do you want to achieve your goals? Before you embark on your journey towards a healthier you, it’s important to understand why you want take the journey in the first place. When you identify your why, it will give you the motivation you need to push on in your journey. It will give you the motivation during periods of de-motivation. It will help you stay grounded and focused throughout your journey, and give you an intent and purpose. So, start with the why.

2. Learn from the past
If you want to become a better and healthier you in 2021, learn from your experiences in 2020. I know 2020 was a tough and stressful year, and a rather strange year filled with so many different kinds of emotions. But the key is to learn from these experiences, because these experiences are a lesson learned. Part of living a healthier lifestyle is to have a growth mindset, where you learn from your mistakes in hope of not repeating them again. Reflect on the past, and figure out what worked and what didn’t work. Of course, stick with what worked for you.

3. Commitment
You have to commit yourself if you truly want to experience positive changes in your health. Work with a personal nutrition coach to stay accountable. Find a friend who can be your accountability buddy. Seek out people who are like minded to stay on track. Do whatever you can to help you stay committed.

4. Break your goal into smaller milestones.
Let’s say your goal is weight loss, more specifically, losing 10kgs of weight. Rather than focusing on the bigger goal (10kgs), break it up into 5 milestones of 2kg each. Focusing on a 2k weight loss is much more realistic and attainable than focusing on a 10kg weight loss. Lose the first 2kgs, then focus on the second 2kgs, and so on. You’ll feel much more relaxed, mentally and emotionally.

There’s no reason to wait! Start now and get ahead with your health and wellbeing goals. You know it’s going to take sacrifice and commitment on your part, but you’re someone who’s always up for a challenge, right?

With one of our online personal nutrition coaches, you will stay motivated and be held accountable to achieve your goals. We approach nutrition and weight loss in a holistic, non-dieting way via our nutrition coaching app. Share photos of what you eat and track your emotions, exercise, sleep and hydration, and then receive personalized feedback and advice (without judgement!) on a daily basis.

Work with the best nutritionists in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the GCC region! Our approach is based on helping you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle through building better eating habits and eating more mindfully, which will lead to long-term changes to your health and wellbeing. It’s not a restrictive diet, nor a calorie counter. It’s personalized and holistic coaching to allow you to feel your best self! Support, guidance and accountability are tools we are here to provide you with to help you eat more confidently and mindfully.

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