Take baby steps.

Let me tell you a secret of mine – something that allowed me to be patient throughout my own journey. My goal at the time was to get gain muscle mass. I didn’t want to have that body-building type of look, but I definitely wanted to be big. Now, given my somewhat scrawny type of body at the time, if I immediately envisioned myself being big without the work, time and effort needed to get there, I would’ve dropped out after the first month. Because getting big (and achieving any other goal for that matter), needs time.

So, instead of thinking about the end result, which was always at the back of my mind to keep me grounded and remind myself of the bigger goal I’m trying to fulfill, I broke down my goal into smaller steps. I took things step by step.

For instance, I broke it down into 3 month intervals. I told myself that every 3 months I would take girth measurements, especially around my arms and chest, to monitor my growth but also make sure I hit certain targets. Of course, hitting the small goals were not easy as well, but it made things much more realistic and allowed me to exercise my patience much easier than if I were to have thought about achieving my bigger goal from the get-go! Taking things step by step, 3 month interval by 3 month interval, I eventually hit my bigger goal.

This is my recommendation to you. If you want to achieve a certain goal, break it up into smaller milestones! This way you can stay patient, while still maintaining and if anything increasing your motivation levels to then help you achieve the bigger goal. Let me give you an example on a common goal: weight loss. Let’s say your goal was to lose 10kgs. If you’re hung up on the number 10, you won’t get anywhere, believe me. To make this a smoother and exciting journey, break up your total weight loss target into smaller targets – I’d say 2kgs.

The recommended weight loss to be experienced on weekly basis is anywhere between 0.5kg – 1kg. Although some may experience losing 4kg of weight in 1 month, others may find this more unrealistic and difficult to do. Two kilograms in 1 month is very doable and realistic. With that being said, aim to lose 2kgs per month. Yes, this will take 5 months to do, but trust me it helps you stay in the game for much longer while helping you stay sane, patient and motivated throughout your weight-loss journey.

You get my point here. Many people are impatient to reach their goals because they only think about the end target. They don’t think about the journey (or process) it takes to get there. They don’t understand that it needs time, but on top of that, that it needs hard work, effort and dedication. And so they relapse. Whereas if you take your bigger goal, and break it up into smaller parts and go about your journey in baby steps, believe you me you’ll get reach your goal. And you’ll be the happiest person when you do so😊