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Healthy fat benefits

Healthy fat benefits

Eating fats makes you fat so we should avoid them, right?

Absolutely NOT.

Fats provide numerous benefits and you must include fats in your diet…healthy fats of course.

This is not only for me to say. The science also shows that fats are an essential macronutrient and should not be ignored. Here’s why:

1. Fats increases satiety

Hands down, fat does a better job at keeping you full than carbohydrates do. And that’s definitely what I’ve felt over the past few months. Increasing my fat content within a given meal not only made me feel full quicker, but for a longer period of time. Given this, I snack less over the course of the day, and even when I do feel slightly hungry, I make healthy eating choices due to the lack of hunger.

2. Fats enhance taste

Let’s not kid ourselves. All fatty foods taste awesome and for a reason – fats! Indeed, adding fats to your meals definitely enhances taste. Foods like cheese, butter, eggs, animal proteins, nuts, milk, yogurt and even some cooking oils (olive and coconut oils) taste great because of their fat content! It was never more satisfying to finally eat full-fat dairies and cook my eggs with butter without a hint of remorse.

3. Fats absorb vitamins

Supplementing with multi-vitamins shouldn’t be your only option to combat a vitamin deficiency. Adding healthy fats to your diet is a viable option and should be considered first prior to supplementing with a multi-vitamin. Indeed, vitamins need fat to be efficiently absorbed and used by the body. Vitamins A, E, D, and K are the primary fat-soluble vitamins.

4. Fats do not raise sugar levels

What happens once you consume carbohydrates? Blood sugar rises. High blood sugar levels may lead to fat storage and over time cause diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Fats, on the other hand, don’t raise sugar levels after digestion and will help maintain your sugar levels and body composition as well.

5. Fats have greater energy stores

The maximum amount of carbohydrates (g) stored in the body is 400 – 500 grams. 1g of carbohydrates is equivalent to 4kcal. Hence, maximum carbohydrate storage in the body is anywhere between 1,600 – 2,000kcal.

Fats have a greater storage capacity. There are literally 20 x more stored energy from fat than carbohydrates in the body. One gram of fat is equivalent to 9kcal. That’s an astonishing 40,000kcal (and more) of stored fat!

Another plausible point to consume more fats – you simply have more ammunition to use!

Unfortunately, studies published in the past have been misinterpreted by many scientists and the media, which is why fats have been frowned upon for many years. The science keeps evolving and it is now telling us that fats are an essential macronutrient in order to sustain life.

Don’t get brainwashed by what you read on the internet or magazine. Healthy fats are foods you must include in your diet and eating fats certainly does not make you fat.

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