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Whey Protein

Whey Protein

After 30 years of age, we lose around 2% of muscle per year. To offset, or at least attenuate, the decline in muscle mass, protein should make up a decent chunk of your daily caloric intake. If you exercise regularly, protein is an especially important nutrient for supporting muscle growth and repair. 

The amount of protein you consume is vital to create more protein within the body and increase muscle mass and strength. The type of protein is equally as important, too. 

Ingesting an optimal amount, but also the best type of protein, will ensure maximal gains in muscle mass and increase your recovery potential. 

According to the literature, whey protein is best for muscle gain and seems to trump any other kind of protein (casein, egg, soy) when it comes to the magnitude of increasing protein synthesis, strength gains from training and improvements in body composition. 

Whey protein has the greatest effect on increasing the protein synthetic response within the muscle (creation of new protein). Not only does this help increase muscle growth relative to breakdown, it also increases muscle mass. Putting two and two together, whey protein is more effective at increasing lean muscle mass and promoting muscle growth. Combining whey protein ingestion with weight-training will further heighten the response, as weight-training in itself increases protein synthesis in the muscle. 

Of course, we all want to complement our training with proper nutrition to facilitate increases in size but also other variables such as strength. Indeed, whey protein is superior to other forms of protein in relation to increasing strength. Simply put, you’ll experience greater gains in strength if you were to consume whey protein following weight-training. 

By increasing muscle mass, you’re ultimately preserving muscle. From a weight loss perspective, increasing your protein intake will better preserve muscle and allow for a greater percentage of fat to contribute towards weight loss, as opposed to muscle. Again, whey protein does a better job at preserving and increasing lean muscle mass, hence promoting a higher-quality weight loss response. With that, weight protein is the best for weight loss too, as it optimizes body composition. 

Whether your goal is to increase muscle size, strength or weight-loss, whey protein should be your go-to option, especially if you are weight-training. Aside from the above benefits of whey protein, it’s the fastest digesting protein and contains the highest percentage of essential amino acids. 

The best type of whey protein we recommend is Dymatize iso-100. It’s easy to mix, tastes good, lactose free, and it’s batch tested! 

Too much protein? No WHEY! 

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