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The no-dieting nutrition coaching app.

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Invest in your health. You're worth it.


1 month plan
KD 139
  • Just getting started? This plan is perfect for beginners.


3 month plan
KD 359
  • Patience is key! This is the best plan for healthy weight-loss.


6 month plan
KD 589
  • Integrate long-term changes
    into your lifestyle.

*All plans include a video call follow-up with your coach every 2 weeks. 

Here's how you'll make it a lifestyle:


Take pictures of
your meals.


Track your emotions
to fight emotional eating.


See how much sleep
is fueling you.


Stay hydrated by
tracking your water intake.


Log your exercise
and effort levels.

And receive daily personalized feedback from your nutrition coach online.

Take small steps that lead to long-term changes.

Onboarding Call

Once you sign up, you'll get on a 30
minute call with your Nourish coach
to talk about your goals.

Daily Coaching

One to one online nutrition coaching. Begin making
mindful changes to improve your eating
habits and relationship with food.

Make it a lifestyle

Receive feedback from your nutrition coach online everyday to help you stay on track and live a healthier,
happier and more confident life.

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Your chances of success increases by 95% when you work with someone on your health goals.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Your mind is a weapon. These “Must Reads” will sharpen your thoughts and encourage you on the journey.

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